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Dethleffs caravans and motorhomes: memorable holidays for the entire family

dethleffs- luxecaravaningDethleffs is a pioneer brand. Born in 1931 thanks to Arist Dethleffs, this German company is one of the biggest organisations which was able to evolve and to promote the route passion.


Established under the principle of the free time, family trips and seek of adventures, Dethleffs was one of the first brands in caravaning world.

Dethleffs was born in Isny im Allgäu city in Germany and the company still keep close links with this city despite his important raise in his 80 years of life.

In this sense, Dethleffs is still a big economic engine and employment booster for this southern german region.

In addition, the german brand is normally noted for his family caravans and motorhomes. Dethleffs is very committed to the fabrication of comfortable vehicles. We can highlight their quality and their excellent customer service department in the whole caravan buying process.

Their company policy has led them to conquer important awards in caravaning world regarding their high quality design, services and innovations, among others.

Furthermore, this company allows their customers the possibility of customize their own caravan and not only to buy their offered products.

Choosing Dethleffs is choosing rest, peace, total security, comfort in every time of the year, and the possibility to have different types of multimedia equipment.

Dethleffs, a family friend.

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